Mr. Zin Yoni’s Yatra gifts that will increase your business overnight…

Mr. Zin Yoni’s Yatra gifts that will increase your business overnight

The ancient teachers were concerned with money, work matter When you want to quickly complete a business transaction, etc., you often use the rule of day and night.

Light a candle on that chin tak and make a donation to the temple. Once at night, he had to donate a lamp and pray that he would succeed overnight in the matter he wanted to accomplish quickly. If it is important in his case, 3 days 5 days 7 days 9 days and so on.

Another way to do something similar to that plan is a basket of diamonds, It was the case that Chin Ti Taek was the first, because the money was wrong, the goods were wrong, wrong purchase wrong sales false promise When there is a mistake in the contract, in that case, put the chin tak on the porcelain plate, and on the chin tak

If it is to light a lamp and pray, in the case of wanting to solve some kind of mistake or problem, there is no need to distinguish between day and night when lighting the lamp.

Chintaek means Monday and Saturday morning, so if you add up the number of your number, it will be one item.

Copy the photo of the picture shown and put it in their shops, work rooms, By hanging them in the houses, let them get a good sign of business development day and night.

Sabbe Dharma

Zen Johnny

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