How to combat bad atmosphere in the house

How to combat bad atmosphere in the house

There may be a bad atmosphere in your house… Do this soon.

Tired of staying at home Do you feel like it’s a big deal?

Sometimes there are bad vibes in the house that you can’t see.

You can eliminate this and use the following simple method to create a pleasant home.

The method is to drink a glass of water. salt laugh He said he only needed vinegar.

A little salt in the glass a little water Add a small amount of vinegar and place it anywhere you want in the living room or bedroom of the house.

It should be left for a day. When the 24 hours are up, come back and check the glass. Look at the salt condition.

The salt is rising, Or if the water is overflowing, do it again in the same way.

Leave it until the salt stops rising.

If you put it in a place where people can’t see it, it will absorb the bad atmosphere

It will be more enjoyable to stay at home