Diabetic people trample on the ground

Diabetic people trample on the ground

The human body has the ability to conduct electricity, and stepping on the ground with bare feet can get a lot of electrons, which are very beneficial to health.

Clint Ober was the first to scientifically notice the health benefits of walking. According to his personal experience, people suffering from insomnia, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes have also been cured. Recently, psychologists and neurologists have begun to write about the benefits of trampling on mental health.

Trampling is called a reconnection with nature. By treading on the ground, you tap into Mother Nature’s gift of core strength. It restores your bioelectrical circuitry and improves your health.

Treading on the ground reduces the amount of free radicals that are harmful to humans and improves health. Relieves stress, inflammation, and pain. Writing in the Journal of Environment and Public Health, trampling resets the body’s biological clock and metabolic processes, improves cortisol levels, and improves sleep patterns.

The benefits of trampling the land

1. Electrons cause anti-oxidation and reduce inflammation, which improves blood circulation. Proper blood circulation helps the distribution of nutrients in the body and improves cellular energy.

2. Reduces cortisol levels and improves mental health. In a 2000 experiment, a group that did 30 minutes of trampling showed better left-side brain activity on EEG machines than a group that didn’t.

3. It not only improves the sleep process, but also corrects the internal biological clock and cures long-term fatigue.

4. Reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

5. Speeds up healing and relieves pain caused by exercise.

6. Research has shown that walking on the ground for 72 hours helps diabetics to have the correct blood sugar levels.

7. Due to its anti-oxidizing power, it improves the immune system and makes you look younger.

8. It is said to cure blood viscosity.