Good ways to make your eyes fall

Good ways to make your eyes fall

(1) When you get up, pour water on your feet first.

When you wake up, if you wash your face first, the heat will run all over your face, which has cooled down after touching the water. When the heat and smoke hit the eyes, the eyes become dim and weak. If you put your feet first, all the heat will go down and won’t hit your eyes.

(2) phone; Try less computer and TV.

Bright light causes the pupil to contract further and increase power. There is a rule of 20, which means that for every twenty minutes you spend focusing on something, look at something twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This method helps to improve vision significantly

(3) Drink plenty of water.

A common eye problem is dehydration. Dehydration can cause blurred vision. Dehydration can be easily replenished by drinking water

(4) How to sleep with a cucumber on your eyes

You have never seen this method in movies. The coolness of the cucumber relaxes the eye muscles and makes your vision clear when you wake up in the morning. It is a method used by movie actors and actresses

(5) Eye exercise

The eye should be turned clockwise (3) times and counter-clockwise (3) times. By doing this, the eye muscles will relax and improve vision

By taking care of the eyes in accordance with these factors, people who wear glasses can prevent their power from increasing (or decreasing). Another thing is that people who don’t have a lot of power should take the glasses off sometimes instead of wearing them all the time.