Papaya eating time and disease treatment methods

#Papaya eating time and disease treatment methods

If eaten at 8 am – Good for stomach and intestines.

If consumed at 9 a.m. – good for blood poisoning. Purifies the blood.

If consumed at 10 a.m. – Good for burning in the liver and relieves constipation.

If consumed at 11 a.m. – Tonsil pain; Improves dryness.

If eaten at 1 pm – if eaten with licorice powder, it will cause digestion.

If consumed at 2 pm – It cures bad breath.

If you eat it at 3 pm – You can eat it if your colon is hot and your stomach is bad.

If consumed at 4 pm – If eaten with honey, it reduces high blood pressure.

(Don’t eat children)

If consumed at 5 pm – relieves diabetes.

If consumed at 7 pm – relieves tiredness at the end of the day and makes you happy.

If consumed at 8 pm – cleanses the blood.

If eaten at 9 pm – If eaten with sugar, it relieves burning in the liver. China
In medical books, papaya is used for digestion, Provides benefits such as re-energizing.

For health by eating papaya without any negative effects
helping, If you eat once, you should eat from one to two parts
You should eat the papaya heart by scraping it with a spoon until it is close to the skin. On the edge of the shell
Papaya resin is very beneficial to the stomach and people who tend to be constipated. It is especially suitable for liver disease and spleen disease. He suggested that it should be consumed after and before meals.

May they be healthy and happy

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