It is not unusual to anoint the body with oil….

It is not unusual to anoint the body with oil.
If newborn babies cry because of stomach ache, rub oil on them. If you have indigestion and stomach ache, applying che oil is a traditional medicine.
Humans are born with extra organs.
It is called the second brain.

Therefore, adding cha oil and applying it activates your second brain.
There is also a chakra called the solar plexus, which gives the power of consciousness, four hands above the chakra. Adding che oil also stimulates the solar plexus chakra.
The stomach is the center of the whole body. It is said that the energy center is where more than 7,000 muscles meet.
* The main thing I want to say is to use the small spot and pray for health and mental power.
There are many difficult methods, but I am sharing the method of oiling because it doesn’t cost money, it doesn’t waste time, and people don’t get tired. It’s easy, but you’ll get a lot of benefits.
Although there is a special oil for anointing, you can use any kind of oil. The most suitable is mustard oil, Some use castor oil. You can also use cooking oil that you use at home. It’s so powerful that it can’t be different.
Before going to sleep, put about three drops of oil in the hole and gently rub it around the ear.
Another way is to apply oil on a cotton pad before going to bed and put it in the bowl and stick it on top with tape. In the morning, remove it, believe me.
The benefits that can be obtained by adding/applying essential oil,
– Memory will be good.
– Bone joints, especially those with knee pain, will improve significantly.
– Try using it if you have a disease called four-sided pain.
– The digestive system improves.
– Blood-related diseases, including high blood pressure, will improve.
* If you apply oil regularly, it will be more noticeable for women.
* When you have your period, the pain starts to get pregnant. It is especially good for those who are old and going through menopause.
* You will also see a noticeable improvement in your skin and hair.
Another interesting point is that if you rub the navel with a little oil, it will be very blooming.