“Cat Sign”

“Cat Sign”

1. If the cat comes after leaving the house, I ask him to earn money. That person often gets money.

2. Since the house is being built, add a cat to the yard. The house rarely has mice.

3. If the cats are sitting in front of the house in front of the house, it is the person who will bring the money.

4. If you move to a new house, let the cat in first. That house benefits.

5. If a cat is born in the house, the girls of that house are often unlucky in love.

6. If you have a black cat at home, rub it with its tail when it is close to your eyes. If it is tender, it will disappear again.

7. The cat raised and licked. Do not cross the ditch. I often drown.

8. If cats scratch their ears frequently, If you rub your face, you expect a guest. Often comes.

9. If you bathe the cat, he curses back, so it rains.

10. When a cat sneezes, money comes in. If it happens every now and then, someone in the household will get sick.

11. If the young women step on the cat’s tail, they will be cursed and will not get a husband that year. (Those who go to the blue shirt once a year, they often go haywire.)

12. If cats curl up with all fours, the weather is cold. If you sleep on your back, the weather will be hot.

13. cats wall If you scratch the blinds every now and then, it’s a wind call. The wind often comes.

14. If you have four kittens, you will often do business. You get a lot of money. If you are born as a male, it is more beneficial.

15. It’s easy to haunt a cat. Be careful because if you don’t stick to yourself, the night king will start to stick to you.

16. If there is a cat in the house, it is a protection against attacks by wise men. Because they are gentle creatures, they often get hurt instead of people.

17. If the owner is sick, the cat often runs away. However, it rarely runs. Many died on behalf of them.

18. If cats, trees, and flowers are looking around from time to time, it’s because invisible little spirits come.

19. If cats stare with wide eyes, If you’re hiding, you’ll find a hidden nature.

20. If you kill a cat, the person who killed it will suffer until it dies.

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