It was said before his death. 15 days ago, the monk’s teachings

It was said before his death.
15 days ago, the monk’s teachings

Act like a mundane meal

Because the world
I don’t think people are alone.

God only has to face the world.
It is a good world to receive special offerings from human beings and gods.

On the positive side, I received more than that.
Don’t talk about the bad side.
Remember God is more.

He was killed by an elephant in the center of the city
Who has experienced it?
I have to face God.

In the middle of the image of a man, it is the belly of God
He became sane and faced humiliation.
This is one of the eight Aung Tu.
There are other worlds.

Bodhisattvas and sages
Face the good world
They do not tremble when faced with the evil world.

He didn’t even smile when he gave me a hug.
He didn’t even show off when he cleaned the pot.
The mind is balanced on the world of good and bad.

There is no one in the world who is free from the world.

Human life is short
Must be rich.
If you don’t live, the poorer you are.

When we send love
What does “Sukhi Attanam Pariharantu” mean?

“Enjoy yourself
Let them do it
The goods ”

Why is this?
#Because I have to send love
He will cause trouble because he is himself.
Because the enemy is himself.

Instead of suffering
They must act to make them happy.

In the midst of causing trouble
The most troublesome thing is “thought”.

The most troublesome.

There is nothing to do.
Think ahead and think back
The thought is troubling.
They seek their own troubles

” To get a like
About ten things I don’t like
They keep looking for it”.

Thought and feeling
Before I saw it, it was already moving.
As it is (without thought) the feeler does not move.

So in the encounter with the world
Act like a meal.
Don’t act like a curry.
Is there a taste in the meal?
“No God”

I only feel the taste in the curry.
Sweet, sour, salty, etc. to taste
You can feel the taste only in the curry, right?

How are you doing in the community?
Do you act like a meal?
Do you act like you eat curry?
“I’m acting like I’m eating curry.”

Act like eating curry
Good and bad
Likes and dislikes
It happened.

They are shaken by experiencing good and bad.
Great arahants
No matter how good or bad I face, I don’t shake anymore.

Because it doesn’t make you happy
No more trouble.

Because you can keep your mind focused on the present
“Sukhi Attanam Parihantu”
They have been able to make themselves rich.

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