A good thing about nervousness

A good thing about nervousness

Neuropathy is a disease caused by nerve damage. The job of nerves is to send information from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.

The symptoms are hands, Weak movement of the legs; As sharp as a needle, Being hot Numbness Being sensitive. Some patients have irregular sweating; Being sedentary, bowel and digestive problems; Male performance may be weak.

Additional problems

Skin damage due to numbness; Easy to burn Being easily hurt Easy to get infected Unbalanced and easy to slip.

Dos and Don’ts

A tonic that strengthens the nerves. Horseshoe leaves Dandelion leaves Elephant trunks should be fed often. In addition, carp, fish roll Cooking pomegranate seeds with roasted and pickled leaves; dried fruit salad Lemon salad should be eaten often. fair play, Eat easily digestible food. Foods and fruits that strengthen the blood should also be consumed.

In case of nervous weakness, too much cold; eating too much cold food; smoking not eating at the right time; eating Vomiting, loss of sleep, Avoid working too hard.

Appropriate physical activity should be done to relieve neurasthenia. Timing of meals sleeping regularly Meditation to reduce stress; Living in a warm and clean place; Sunbathing should be done early in the morning.

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