Look at his body Internal diseases Prediction 🛑

Look at his body
Internal diseases
Prediction 🛑

1. If you get out of bed early in the morning, if you can’t get up from the side and lie down.
Heart disease
There may be.

2. When you wake up in the morning, your limbs feel heavy and numb.
Kidney disease
There may be.

🎈3. If you wake up in the morning, your head is swollen, your eyes are not looking good, and your muscles are cramping..
High blood pressure
Coronary heart disease
There may be.

4. If there’s nothing special to worry about, you can’t sleep at night.
Stomach and
Gallbladder disease
There may be.

🎈5. If you are always not wanting something, quick to anger, irritable, sad, want to cry..
Liver failure
There may be.

6. Bigger than normal size girls..
Breast cancer
It is possible.

7. Arms and legs
Too thick than usual
There may be disease.

8. If the eyes and face are too oily
and sexually transmitted diseases
Fatty liver disease
There may be.

9. Can’t wear normal rings
If the finger is too swollen until it can’t be taken off..
Like gout
can be

🎈10. Yellowing of teeth, eyes, and nails.
B bug C bug
There may be.

🎈11. If girls have urinary retention, birth canal, bad odor, swelling of water sac..
Uterine cancer
it can .

🎈12. If boys can’t hold their urine frequently at night..
Prostate enlargement
and kidney
Prostate cancer
It is possible.

🎈13. If you get drunk while standing up from sitting.
Lung disease
There may be.

ðŸŠī Because I wait for the understanding of life
Before becoming sick compared to awareness
May they be protected in time.âĪïļ

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