Discover Your Destiny & Life Purpose Using Your Birth Chart…

We were undeniably destined to achieve something extraordinary in this life. However, it’s possible that your real goal won’t be obvious right away.

For many of us, it takes time and a lot of trial and error before we figure out what our purpose in life is.

Fortunately, understanding the meaning of the North Node is like taking a shortcut to understanding your soul’s purpose. After all, it provides you with a glimpse of the skills you came to learn here.

The highest and lowest points of the moon’s orbit—the point at which the moon’s orbital path intersects the sun’s

orbit—are represented by what are referred to as the Lunar Nodes in each person’s birth chart.

In addition, while the lowest point, the South Node, tells the story of your soul’s history, the highest point, the

North Node, directs you toward your ultimate goal. To put it another way, your South Node is the thing you’re still

carrying from previous lives, while your North Node is what you’re supposed to accomplish in this life.

Because your soul purpose is so individual to your karmic journey,

the cosmos have a very different concept of success than we do. Some of us were meant to make a name for ourselves and change the world. Some of us were simply meant to improve our lives there. Your spiritual mission is significant and essential in either case.

Your South Node, which is a representation of your previous lives, frequently reveals how your current incarnation serves a purpose. In the event that you’ve burned through a large portion of your previous existences dominating a specific part of life, you will probably manifest with expectations of getting out of your usual range of familiarity and offsetting your karma by pursuing various decisions.

Having said that, the North Node is not something that you should follow or work toward. Despite your preparations or planning, your destiny is certain, and a lunar or solar eclipse activates it. Since the North Hub and South Hub are straightforwardly attached to the progressions that happen during shroud season, you can have confidence that your motivation has forever been guaranteed to you.

You must also take into account the astrological house of your North Node in order to fully comprehend your destiny and life purpose. You ought to likewise search for any angles your North Hub might be shaping with different planets in your introduction to the world graph. Before I go any further, the following is what your North Node’s zodiac sign predicts you will accomplish in this life:

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