North Node in Aries….

Don’t even think about making due with being in another person’s shadow, since you came here to sparkle in your

greatness and freedom. You have spent a lot of your past lives compromising your dreams and desires in order to

keep the peace or take care of your partner’s needs because your South Node is in Libra, a sign that values harmony

and partnerships.

To learn how to stand on your own two feet, you came to this life; to show that you are in charge and to be brave enough to take up space. It’s likely that you struggled in your early years to assert yourself and take ownership of your power. That is the reason you ought to continuously be making a move to voice your viewpoint and face struggle head-on. Because you are a North Node in Aries, you are here to learn how to confidently say “I,” because your thoughts matter, even if they disrupt the room’s energy.

You could easily become a great leader because you are a North Node in Aries. You could also be a successful solo artist, work for yourself, or be your own brand’s face. You were intended to be seen and perceived for your very own gifts. Now is the right time to quit permitting individuals to assume praise for your work.

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