North Node in Taurus…

You were meant to build a beautiful, happy, and secure life from the ground up.

Your destiny is to build a life for yourself and pull yourself up by your bootstraps as a Taurus North Node.

You are here to learn how to become financially independent and self-sufficient, not to live life on someone else’s

terms. You’ve dealt with loss in many different forms over the course of many previous lives, especially when it

comes to money, love, and relationships.

As a South Node in Scorpio, you may have had relatives, lovers, or spouses who felt entitled to your time, energy,

and resources in previous lives. You might become accustomed to people violating your boundaries and persuading

you to give up your freedom for safety.

As a Taurus North Node, you’re here to learn how to take care of yourself and break free from negative energetic

attachments. You have the influence to turn out to be very rich in this life, particularly assuming you’re willing to

take care of your own problems and take care of business. Your financial situation is directly impacted by your


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