North Node in Gemini…

If your North Node is in Gemini, you came here to better understand what it means to be human. Gemini is the only zodiac sign where people (the “twins”) serve as a symbolic representation.

Gemini, according to astrology, is in charge of local affairs, close friends, and neighborhoods. As a result, people

born under the North Node in Gemini spend a lot of their lives figuring out where they want to settle down and

how they can help their community.

Because your South Node is in Sagittarius, it’s possible that previous lives took you to faraway lands and

encouraged you to go there. You might have been a scholar, an educator, or an explorer; a person who desired to

travel the world. You are now prepared to stop being a migrant and begin becoming a more prominent figure in

your own town.

On the off chance that you’re a North Hub in Gemini, you’re bound to become somebody who’s known for their public talking, their public activity and their capacity to communicate the unexpressable.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t generally mean correspondence has been an area of strength for you, since North Hub in Gemini society need to figure out how to convey such that appears to be legit and to quit turning to “higher perspective reasoning” when the subtleties feel too complex to even think about handling. Dial it back and work on the strategies.

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