The Stone of Destiny’s ancient, ‘iconic’ role in King Charles’ coronation…

Before King Charles III’s May 6 coronation, officials from both Britain and Scotland will attend the arrival of the

Stone of Scone at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. This is the latest chapter in the centuries-long history that the

two nations share.

Charles will turn into the most recent in a long queue of rulers who have been delegated on the stone, otherwise

called the Stone of Predetermination. It was once a war spoil, but now it is regarded as an ancient symbol not only

of Scotland’s monarchy but also of the often-uneasy unity at the heart of the Kingdom of Great Britain, which

Charles now oversees.

“It’s a truly notable item,” Rachel Pickering, a student of history and consultant for Memorable Climate Scotland, told Worldwide News.

The 150-pound block of red sandstone is thought to be from the late ninth century, but Pickering says that its exact history is “shrouded in mystery.”

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