Boiled eggs and vinegar that can control diabetes…

Boiled eggs and vinegar that can control diabetes

Human health and food are related.

Eat one egg a day to control blood sugar levels.

Today, the most common disease in Myanmar and the world is diabetes.

1. Type 1 Diabetes is the body’s inability to produce insulin, a hormone that regulates sugar intake. Young people.

2. Type 2 Diabetes (insulin) resistance to the hormone. Most people.

3. Gestational diabetes is during pregnancy.

Number 3 type is common during pregnancy and disappears after pregnancy. #1 and #2 are the most common. Controlling the amount of diabetes can lead to the end of life.

Diabetes is caused by not being able to produce enough insulin to regulate the level of glucose in the blood. Insulin works to keep blood sugar levels normal.

Eating eggs helps control blood sugar levels.

Boil one hard-boiled egg. Then peel it.

Then break it into pieces with a spoon and add the vinegar. Then leave it overnight.

In the morning, mix that egg with a cup of hot water.

Doing this every day will lower blood sugar levels and help diabetics to live longer.

Credit: mystylemyanmar

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