(HIV) Good to know about HIV/AIDS

( HIV ) What to know about HIV / AIDS HIV — HIV infection
Most of the infected people will not experience any early symptoms.
In some cases, 3 to 6 weeks after being infected with HIV
Inside, I often experience flu-like symptoms.
It is called Acute HIV Syndrome. His symptoms are

– Body heat

– Headache

– Loneliness

– Nausea and vomiting

– 0 pleasure

– also In the armpits and groin
Tumors may grow, etc.

These symptoms are caused by another virus
Similar symptoms. So it’s not because of HIV
We will know only after an HIV test. (Most infected people
(I don’t feel any of the above symptoms.) The above symptoms last from one week to one month
It often disappears inside. During this period of suffering, the body