Blood viscosity and coagulation studies…

Blood viscosity and coagulation studies
Written by U Kyaw Myint

It was found that patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, lung, and kidney diseases are more at risk of death.
Writings that the covid virus quickly thickens the blood so that it can survive and multiply, and then enters the lungs and grows.
People with high blood pressure will enter the lungs in a short period of time. For those with good initial blood, they will be able to enter after some time.
According to local traditional medicine, blood is included in the 12 kothas, led by the apophyte.
Geo-leading meat, rich in fat, oily dishes, deep-fried, crispy foods, and people who use less physical activity will have more remaining geo-energy.
In those people, the condition of the lead in the blood is more than draining
The formation will strengthen and the blood will reach a thick state.
In order to cure this blood clot
It is especially necessary to temporarily stop and avoid the 3 super-nutrients, tezo, bile, space-like foods (fried, spicy, and sweet flavors) and eat more of the inferior nutrients, iodine, and apo-like foods (sweet, bitter, and cold flavors).
Now, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and high cholesterol are common in the elderly.
In the treatment of covid, it is possible to eat
Considering that he will be able to withstand the severe pain of the disease
They are encouraging people to eat more fatty, egg yolks, rich milk, goat meat, beef, potatoes, peanuts, and chickpeas.
When eating more geo-nutrient foods that can strengthen the body outside, if the food can be properly digested, it can support the person and can be a barrier of life against the disease and the disease will be cured.
If the food is too strong and the person is dehydrated, those foods are undigested and can increase the disease. It will also make the blood more viscous.
When you are infected with the covid virus until it forms a blood clot, if the blood clots fall into the bloodstream
Cerebral embolism, cardiac embolism, and life-threatening conditions will be reached.
Juicy vegetables and fruits combined, boiled, salad, cooked, and pickled foods are more rich in phospholipids than phospholipids, so they can prevent blood clotting. Cooking meat in oil; From a scientific point of view, I have written that if you eat more of the juice that is cooked and mixed with juicy vegetables, instead of eating fried, roasted, grilled, it will be prudent to protect your body organs from being damaged and life-threatening after covid.
It can be freely contrasted with other aspects of medicine.
If you want to fill it up, if you are inclined to take it, please take it.
May all mankind be free from food and illness.
kind regards
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