The easiest dialysis method….

The easiest dialysis method
I will share the easiest kidney treatment method.

(1) Boil the chicken bone for a long time.
(2) Cut one stone pumpkin into small pieces and boil it.

(3) Add about 5 peppercorns.
(4) If the curry is cooked, add about 3 celery stalks.
(5) Add a lemon to a bowl and drink. Read and eat liquid. Rest and eat until the whole pot is finished.
(6) Make and drink pumpkin soup at least once a month.
Kidney is an important thing that performs the most important work for humans. We have to filter the food we eat every day.
Today’s food is the same as in the past. Vegetables are scarce and we only eat those produced by various technologies. It also contains various toxins. After a while, it touched the kidney. The kidney can’t filter it, and the solid remains in the kidney
There are quite a few people who develop stone disease and are hospitalized.
food and medicine As the saying goes, the best dish for the kidneys can be suggested.
May all mankind be healthy and prosperous.