The treatment of a person who was cured of chronic tuberculosis in 10 days

The treatment of a person who was cured of chronic tuberculosis in 10 days

I’m sharing about the healing power of a cup of honey that cures tuberculosis patients…” It was last month.”
Tun Min Aung Ray Tun Min Aung. Ko Zaw has been taking medicine for 2 months because of TB
Now my stomach is burning, my legs are full, I can’t eat, and I’m still small.
tired It’s not unusual for me to go to the clinic.
H. Then I asked about the patient completely and then reviewed it. If I suggest you go to that clinic.

That doctor is very good at treating TB. Do not use other drugs while taking TB medicine. Then he advised me not to do what he instructed. Then it will be better. After about 10 days…

Tun Min Aung Ray, I send you a special thank you.

I did as you suggested, now that Zaw is healthy and has even gone back to work. That’s good, Amani. But tell me
I also want to know how good it is. From the evening I got back from you, I started taking injections at the clinic.. every other day
. 3 shots. The doctor said that it was not very special.

Mix the boiled water of millet leaves with honey and drink it 3 times a day. He also referred the previous patients, and he said it was better. So
Give me a drink. I also grinded honey and looked for leaves, and after drinking the infusion for a day, my whole body started to feel hot at night.

In the morning, I had bowel movements 5..6 times. The color of the stool is black and big. The next day it was the same, but the next day I stopped going. My stomach is hot and tired no more, I have eaten a lot of rice and my skin has become cool. So, on the day I went to see the doctor, I showed it again. The teacher is also happy. Continue to take TB medicine. Continue to drink boiled millet leaves. Now you are healthy and going to work.”