Milestones in a child’s life

Milestones in a child’s life

1 and a half months: Both eyes move together, both hands and feet move, and head can be controlled a little

2 months: Smile back when greeted with a smile, can control your head a little more

4 months: put a finger in the mouth, try to lift the head when placed on the tummy, can lift the head when lifted, try to grasp with five fingers when given something in the hand

(Figure 3 shows head-up if turned upside down. It doesn’t mean it can be turned upside down.)

6 months: When he sees his parents, he smiles and is happy, turns from supine to supine, supine to supine, he can sit if he is controlled, he tries to roll over if he is supine, he tries to crawl by using his stomach, he tries to hit things with his hands on the floor.

7 months-8 months – can sit without support,
Crawling is more comfortable

9 months: Starts crawling on elbows and knees, starts muttering one of the couplets like mommy, mama, mama, papa, tata.

10 to 12 months: He will try to stand up with the help of his hand, he will try to stand up with the help of furniture, he will take 2 steps and 3 steps, he can hold things in his thumb and forefinger, he can wave his little finger and do tatters, he can point and clap, he will clap his hands, he will start to mutter 2-3 of the two pairs of twos, such as mommy, mama, mama, pap, tattar, etc. I have seen well, I have recognized my father and mother, and I am afraid when a stranger calls me