How to prevent birth defects in children

How to prevent birth defects in children
Some children are born with cleft lip and cleft palate. I don’t know if you’ve seen it with a big hole in the spine. These are birth defects. When they come out after giving birth, they say it’s a boy or a girl. They can make soup by saying that they have all kinds of limbs. As parents, they feel sad if their child has defects, and they worry about whether they will live to the end of their term. So I will tell you how to live without birth defects in children.

What is a birth defect?
Some birth defects are caused by substances called teratogens. Chemicals in Teratogen drugs, There may be various infections. All birth defects can be prevented. 4-5% of these defects are caused by teratogens. If you can avoid these, you can protect the child from defects.

To prevent birth defects
As mothers, we want to bring up children with all their hands and feet. If you want to be healthy, you must take care of it. When did you decide to be pregnant? The first 3 months of pregnancy is the most fragile time. It’s the time when the baby’s organs are starting one by one. If something slips at that time, there may be small defects.

Many moms are pregnant and are already 3 or 4 months pregnant. At that time, the teachers told us what to do and what not to do, but in my heart I was praying that nothing would happen. The tender time has passed. So there are children who would like to order for pregnant mothers.

Plan ahead.
If you are planning to have a baby, take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. According to studies, if you drink at least one month before conception, the baby’s brain will not develop properly. It can prevent back pain. Also, if you decide to get pregnant, consult an obstetrician in advance. If you pre-order before you are pregnant, he will tell you what to avoid and give you the necessary medicine. This is more reliable for you. If you are pregnant, you can find out early.

Avoid dangerous things.
The danger is the Teratogens I just mentioned.

Any amount of alcohol during pregnancy is dangerous. There is no safe amount of alcohol for pregnant women to drink. If you are drinking alcohol, I would advise you to stop drinking since you are thinking about getting pregnant. Alcohol reaches the baby through the umbilical cord and causes a syndrome called fetal alcohol syndrome.

Do not smoke during pregnancy. Do not inhale smoke. The substances in tobacco cause chapped lips, It causes cleft palate.

I believe that I do not use drugs with my doctor. But by the time she found out she was pregnant, she was using drugs. Other drugs, including marijuana, can cause birth defects and premature births.

Pregnant women Those who are preparing to get pregnant should not be close to those who are sick. Especially if you are sick and have red spots. Children with a runny nose. Chicken pox in children Measles, If it’s rubella, it can infect the pregnant woman and reach the baby in the womb. The mother had no problem, but the child was born deaf. It happens that you can’t see your eyes.

Also, don’t give birth to a new pregnant mother cat. Playing with the cat already at home, Also, please avoid borrowing from fear. A parasite called Toxoplasma found in cat feces will harm the baby.

fever High fever
Pregnant mother, don’t let your body temperature rise. Do not soak in hot water for a long time. If you get sick, get better quickly. The mother’s body temperature rises, which often causes the baby’s spinal cord to open and cause nerve problems.

Take care of your health.


If you have pre-diabetes, make sure to see your doctor and get your diabetes under control. So that the child is less likely to be harmed.

Mainly being overweight. An overweight woman has a higher chance of having birth defects when pregnant. So, if you get pregnant, lose weight first. Getting pregnant at the right weight is good for both mother and baby.

Always consult a doctor.
A pregnant woman can no longer take medicine freely as before. Some drugs are not a problem for normal people, but they are teratogens for pregnant women. Then the child will have a defect. The best thing to do is to take your birth control pills to your obstetrician if you plan to get pregnant. He’ll look at it and tell you what he’s allergic to.

It is better to consult a doctor first if you are taking something that makes you feel unwell during pregnancy. Don’t drink on your own. If you go to the clinic because you are sick, you plan to get pregnant. Inform the doctor if you are pregnant. So you can avoid medicine.

Another is X-ray. Pregnant women are not routinely given x-rays. This X-ray can harm the child. So, if an X-ray is needed during a medical check-up, the doctor is made to look pregnant. Tell me in advance that you are pregnant. If you are in a situation where it is mandatory to shoot, you will cover your stomach and shoot.

Pregnancy is an exciting time as it welcomes a new member of the family. Everyone is hoping that this family member will be born healthy. So don’t forget to be careful and take care of the delicate pregnancy.