Bad habits that stop bribery

1. A husband and wife (2) cannot sleep in the temple room.

2. A woman should not sleep on the right side of a man.

3. Between 4:30 and 6:00 in the morning, the 4 (4) religious guardians are concerned about the well-being of most of the people. It is the time to see bad things. At that time, you must especially avoid sexual intercourse.

4. He should not make a tarp in a place higher than his bed or bed.

5. head of children Do not sleep at the feet of your parents.

6. He should not put his sheets and blankets on the pillow he sleeps on.

7. He should not step on mats or mattress blankets in places higher than his residence.

8. He must not sit or sit with his chin propped up in front of his house.

9. Spread your hair over the opening of the front door of your house, and don’t pull a million eggs.

10. Children should not defecate in the opening of the front door.

11. When he gets up from his bed and takes his blessing, he should not shout and curse.

12. When you wake up early in the morning to wash your face, don’t make a loud noise so that you don’t get phlegm from your throat.

13. Buffalo cloth burnt clothes The clothes that were carried by the wind, Rat-bitten clothes And people don’t wear clothes well.

14. When walking on the house, don’t make loud footsteps.

15. When eating, do not turn the rice bowls around, or sit down and eat.

16. Although eating. Eat other foods or When eating, plug from the mouth…do not make a sound like dogs drinking congee to make the plug ring.

17. Do not eat rice or other food during the journey.

18. He must not sit with his back to the opening in front of his house.

19. In the early morning and at night, do not bend your ankles and wrists.

20. Do not blow wind early in the morning or at night.