Medicinal herbs and their side effects you should know

Medicinal herbs and their side effects you should know

It is said that the oleander tree is medicinal, but according to the principle of the world, good and evil always coexist.

Some trees have many advantages for human health. However, since each person’s fitness capacity is different, the medicines of these plants can cause changes in the blood system of the body when they enter the body, so it is necessary to be careful when using them.

In addition, I would like to inform you that you should not use more than the specified amount.

(1) Aloe vera

(a) An oxygen substance contained in the jelly (yolk) of the aloe vera plant has the ability to automatically repair the cells on the skin, so burns, blisters, hurt Sunburn can be treated well. However, surgical sutures should not be applied before the wound has healed well. It slows down healing.

(B) Enzymes of the plant contain laxative properties, increasing the mucus in the colon wall, cleaning the intestines and preventing constipation. However, if you keep the plant dry and use it regularly as a laxative, it often causes constipation.

(2) Fennel and fennel

Samon calms the heart, cures vomiting, and aids in digestion. Fennel is cold, Diarrhea thirst Relieve diarrhea. However, they should not be taken for more than 6 weeks without a doctor’s supervision.

(3) Garlic

Garlic is an important medicinal spice for cooking. However, (a) garlic can cause blood clotting, so people who are taking anticoagulants should not eat garlic before surgery.

(b) Hypoglyeemic people who are taking medication for low blood glucose should not eat garlic at all.

(4) Pepper

Pepper for asthma, sputum It can eliminate flatulence and gallstone disease. Stomach ache sweating Constipation It can also relieve the hot sores in the blood draw.

However, (a) pepper should not be eaten more than 300 mg daily.

(b) Do not stick with alcohol.

(c) People with liver disease should avoid eating pepper.

(d) Pepper has the ability to relax muscles, so drivers and those who handle equipment should not eat pepper.

(5) Licorice

Licorice clears the voice and cures cough and phlegm. Can get pneumonia. It makes people fat and strong.

However, (a) licorice should not be consumed for more than 4-6 weeks. If you eat more, your body may retain water.

(b) Diabetes; high blood pressure heart People with liver and kidney disease should avoid it.

(c) Licorice reduces potassium levels in the body, so people with low levels of potassium should not eat it.

(6) Celery

Celery contains no harmful cholesterol and beneficial antioxidants. Rich in vitamins, minerals and easy-to-digest fiber, it also contains a compound of anti-cancer acc e t y le n i c s , p h e no l i c a c i d s and co u m a r i n s , which prevents cancer tumors from spreading and heals wounds wonderfully.

especially colon cancer; Stomach cancer It can prevent cervical cancer and male prostate cancer.

However, if celery is used as a medicine, it will cause more urine, so people with kidney disease and gall bladder should avoid it.

(7) Basil

A natural compound found in basil leaves improves brain function, depression, It can effectively treat stress and Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, basil leaves can improve children’s intelligence and should be eaten at any age. However, people with low blood glucose, People with seizures and epilepsy should not eat basil.

(8) Chin (ginger)

Chin is easy to digest, Urine and stomach happy, Sweetness in the mouth increase sperm Dissolving the poison; Relieves cough and asthma;

Healing of inflammations; clear voice It can provide health effects such as preventing pneumonia.

However, because Chinha produces more bile, if you want to stick to medicine or bile, you should only use it under the guidance of an expert doctor.

(9) Turmeric

According to research records, the people who prefer turmeric powder the most in the world are Indians, and those people have breast cancer, lung cancer colon cancer prostate cancer lung cancer

colon cancer The risk of prostate cancer is very low; Cooking turmeric powder together with cauliflower (white) can prevent prostate cancer.

In India, because turmeric powder has been traditionally consumed, the incidence of leukemia in children is low. Toxic