Blood clotting

Blood clotting

What happens if the blood thickens/clots? How should it feel?

The scary thing is that many athletes don’t know about blood clots. “My mother had blood drawn to check her blood sugar and had to squeeze it because her blood was too thick.” Blood viscosity can be determined by a blood test.

If the blood clot hardens, you may feel pain/pain around that area. A blood clot in an important organ may be a sign of a stroke.

People with blood clots often show these symptoms. (some are not shown)

(1) Sudden deafness/blue eyes/not hearing the surrounding sounds
(2) Headache/dizziness
(3) High blood pressure
(4) Ordinary contact and hematoma
(5) Skin itching/shaking
(6) Tired of barely moving
(7) shortness of breath, Shortness of breath Tightness in the chest (Shortness of breath/dyspnea)

People with blood clots often show these symptoms.

(1) It really bites from somewhere for no reason
(2) Rats
(3) Appearing: Some suddenly the right hand is bigger than the left hand. The right leg is bigger than the left leg
(4) Sudden reddening of the body without injury
(5) All of a sudden, the meat is hot/cold in one place
(6) shortness of breath; Shortness of breath Tightness in the chest (Shortness of breath/dyspnea)
(7) Deep pain in the chest
(8) Coughing/coughing up blood

A blood clot requires urgent treatment: a medical emergency. A blood clot in the brain can lead to death from a stroke, and now with Covid, blood clots in the lungs are common. Dyspnoea/Oxygen drops suddenly and dies. When he was recovering, he suddenly fell down and died due to a blood clot in his lungs.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, contact a doctor/hospital immediately and get treatment. important.

While communicating with the doctor, have the patient place 2 75 mg aspirin (baby aspirin) under the tongue. If the patient’s mouth cannot open due to unconsciousness, open the mouth and place it under the tongue. For emergency. Life support as long as possible before receiving doctor/hospital treatment.

To prevent blood clots:
(1) Rice
(2) Ginger
(3) Garlic
(4) bark powder
(5) You should eat sunflower seeds with vitamin E.