When should you not drink water (at all)?

When should you not drink water (at all)?

(1) Drink 2 cups of water when you get up in the morning to stimulate the body’s internal organs that have been quiet throughout the night.

(2) Drink 1 cup of water half an hour before eating to digest food.

(3) Drink 1 cup of water before taking a bath to keep the pulse and blood down.

(4) Drink 1 cup of water before going to sleep to prevent stroke/heart disease.

(5) Drink water when you wake up in the middle of the night to prevent calf muscle cramps while sleeping.

– When is the best time not to drink water (at all)?
According to a survey by American health researchers, Japanese people are the least stressed about colon cancer in the world.

The reason is that those people don’t drink ice water/cold water while eating. It’s because they usually only drink hot water (or hot water).

Especially when you drink cold ice water while eating, the fat in the dish (for example, the fat in the dish when mixed with ice water) tends to become sticky like clay in the stomach and intestines. Not being able to cook food properly will cause colon cancer.
Also, when I drink ice cold water while eating a hot rice dish, Seeing hot and cold at the same time makes the stomach feel sick. The heat-cold reaction disrupts the production of stomach acid and causes stomach ache.

Therefore, while eating, don’t drink ice water/cold water, but use hot soup (or warm water) or warm water to make rice so that it doesn’t float, and drink cold water at least half an hour after a meal.

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