Is it good to sleep with socks on?

Is it good to sleep with socks on? Is it good to sleep with socks on?

When I was young, when I went to Taunggyi, the local elder told me that if I didn’t sleep in socks at night, my eyes would hurt.

It is one thing that he can suffer from cold because he is still young. I don’t usually wear socks
There was no particular way to avoid it.

However, in cold areas, the warning that you should not sleep with socks on at night has been marked.

When I’m old, I don’t have the habit of covering my legs…

Even in the winter, I wore warm clothes and wrapped myself in blankets. That’s how I braved the cold night for a long time.

One day, an 85-year-old patient came to the clinic because his ankle was so itchy and the skin was bruised and swollen from scratching.

When the patient put his leg on the bed because he wanted to show his injuries, I noticed that he had a sock on it.

When you ask if you wear socks when you sleep at night, you sleep with socks –

My childhood knowledge about putting on socks came out of my mind.

I like the fact that an 85-year-old man is as strong as his age.

I was worried that my eyes were damaged by the habit of sleeping with socks on.

I want to know if sleeping in socks at night is safe.

Search the internet for health sites
I found.

There are no mentions of guilt, only good things.

● Makes you fall asleep faster

● According to studies, sleeping with socks on helps to sleep.

●There is a reason to think that sleeping with socks on will keep you warm.

● In fact, wearing such socks helps maintain body temperature.

●A 2007 trial found that wearing either plain socks or heated socks made you fall asleep faster.

■Explanation •••

● Body heat decreases at night
It reaches its lowest point around 4 am.

●Normal body temperature is 98.6F
During 24 hours 1. There is a 2 degree change.

● Warming the feet by wearing socks causes the blood vessels to expand.

Blood vessels dilate and release heat through the skin – the skin warms.

● In this way, body temperature..
It lowers the core body temperature

●The drop in temperature sends a message to the brain that it’s night time.
Warming of the skin makes you fall asleep faster.

● The human body has a biological clock

Core body temperature is related to the biological clock.

Their rhythmic activity is called circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm determines sleep time.
Because of him, people want to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

● The body temperature rises gradually from the morning and reaches the highest in the afternoon –

At these times, people are awake and alert