Diseases you should take care of in winter

Diseases you should take care of in winter

1. Heart disease

Most people don’t know that heart disease is more common in winter.

When it’s cold, the arteries constrict, making it harder for the heart to pump blood.

If you already have heart disease, if you want to walk early in the morning in winter, it is more appropriate to walk at sunrise. You should not eat breakfast too much.

Also, eating less dinner in winter can prevent the risk of heart disease to a certain extent.

2. Asthma

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If you are an asthma sufferer, you should take extra care in winter.

Cool, dry air tightens the airways and makes breathing difficult.

At home, things that cause suffocation, such as smoke, should be carefully avoided. Changing bed sheets once a week can prevent asthma.

3. Skin irritation

Low humidity and low temperature irritate the skin.

Avoiding oily street food can prevent skin irritation.

Eating hot green tea with the palm of your hand, Applying olive oil on the skin can also prevent skin irritation.

4. Joint pain

Joint pain is also a disease that occurs in winter.

wearing double clothes and staying warm Warm-up physical exercise can prevent joint pain.

Sunbathing under the warm sun is also the best way.

5. Nasal congestion

cough headache Nasal congestion is also common in winter, so you should be careful.

If the air is bad, the nose is often blocked.

Adequate rest for nasal congestion; Eating healthy food drinking plenty of fluids; It can be prevented by not catching cold.

The treatment part is drinking ginger juice. It can be treated by drinking tea with cinnamon powder added.

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