Finely crushed garlic The benefits of eating

Finely crushed garlic
The benefits of eating

If you eat garlic, do not swallow it
The allicin compound in garlic
The medicinal allicin comes out of the reaction with oxygen in the air. So if you eat garlic, chew it.

(1) Allicin can prevent heart attack

The antioxidant allicin is released only after crushing garlic. This substance can fight free radicals and prevent heart attack and stroke.

(2) Blood pressure can be reduced immediately

Eating minced garlic as it is (without cooking) increases the rate of arteriosclerosis by 72 percent or more.

(3) Can kill bacteria

Eating crushed garlic can kill bacteria, or direct application can kill bacteria.

(4) It can prevent colds from happening

According to the study, people who eat a lot of crushed garlic are 2-3 times less likely to suffer from a cold than others.

(5) Can prevent stomach and colon cancer

Sulfur compounds in garlic stimulate the immune system’s natural defenses against cancer. Therefore, if you eat minced garlic regularly, the rate of stomach cancer will be significantly reduced.


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