The popular banana weight loss method

The popular banana weight loss method

Now the way to lose weight with bananas is in the world
It has become a popular weight loss method.

The person who first discovered this method was Hitoshi Watanabe from Japan. His book on how to lose weight with bananas has been translated and sold well not only in Japan but also all over the world, and he has also been interviewed and presented on television.

This method of losing weight in the East, Many people in the West have tried it and found it really effective, so Korean actresses also follow this method
They are already using it.

How to lose weight with bananas

1. Eat only 2 bananas for breakfast and drink 2 glasses of water.

2. Lunch as usual, rice, You can eat curry. Avoid foods rich in fat.

3. For dinner, eat only some fruits and vegetables instead of rice. Do not eat anything after 8 pm.

The way to lose weight is simple and easy, and you don’t have to do strenuous sports. It is said that an enzyme contained in bananas absorbs fats and improves digestion.

As for the banana, any banana is fine. Raw figs are abundant only in Burma and are rare in other countries, so the fruit is mostly used.

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