Good for the brain and nervous system

Good for the brain and nervous system
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Vanda trees in Burma have become gold

In Burma, because it is often called vandapin (Vanda fruit), its original name of almond tree is disappearing. The English name is Indian Almond.

People are allergic to almonds, good health As far as the basic knowledge of good skin, everyone knows. However, regarding almonds, I have to share and write so that they can know how many health benefits there are.

The almond tree is large and fast, and the leaves grow quickly, so it is often grown as a shade tree in Myanmar. Seeing plants abundantly, Under the tree, some children are eating the fruits that fall with red bricks, oblivious to the health value of the seeds from the shade tree.

Today, almonds and the oil obtained from them are valued and consumed around the world. If I have to share my knowledge, almonds are specially served as “wedding sweets” at weddings in Greece.

In Iran, special annual receptions such as New Year parties are seasoned with salt from the sea.
It is usually served with roasted almonds. Important ceremonies in Morocco are not complete without almond flour mixed with cow’s milk. In pasanda-style (also known as) traditional Indian cuisine, almonds can be added as a spice.

Because almonds have cooling properties, they are also hot and dry
In the summers of Pakistan, they drink Almond sherbet juice made with almonds as a special summer drink.

According to USDA’s world-recognized laboratory tests, in 100-gram almonds, 576 calories of energy that is good for human health. 21.69 grams of starch, 74 grams of gluten, 3.89 grams of sugar; 12.2 grams of easily digestible fiber; 49.42 grams of fat 21.22 grams of protein; Weight 58 grams, 4.7 grams of water. Vitamin A 1 IU Thiamin (also known as vitamin B (1)) 18%; Riboflavin (aka Vitamin B) 85%; 23% of vitamin B (3) and 9% of vitamin B (5) Vitamin B (6) 11%; Folate (a.k.a. vitamin B (9)) 13%; Cholin 11%; Vitamin E 175%; 26% calcium; 29% of iron; 75% magnesium; 109% magnesium; Phosphorus 69%; 15% potassium and 32% zinc respectively.

That’s why almonds rejuvenate the skin, The USDA recommends that all (3) genders and ages should eat it because it improves memory.

small intestine It cleans all the intestines and the innermost intestines. A person’s skin is directly proportional to the working power of the digestive system.

When the digestive organs are weak, it causes constipation and starts to cause wet acne/dry acne. By eating almonds regularly, it stimulates the beneficial bacteria in the stomach, promoting digestion. cause stomach rot, Because the digestive system is cleansed, The skin is no longer dirty. If you show me a source of vitamin E, just stick to almonds.

All kinds of wet acne/dry acne/salt acne and black spots on the face,
No matter how well you apply make-up for scars, you get angry when you can’t get rid of them. People who can afford it see dermatologists, and every doctor usually gives them vitamin E capsules to improve their skin. These vitamin E capsules and all vitamin E-containing medicines are formulated with Alpha-Tocopherol, which makes the skin clear and bright.

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E, so not only people with acne, People with skin diseases should also eat it. It is as reliable as the medicine of youth.

Apart from eating almonds regularly, By gently massaging the face with almond oil, premature wrinkles will no longer be caused. The skin is also softer. For people with dark eyes, regular application of almond oil around the under-eye area will reduce the appearance of dark circles within a few days. (Be careful not to get the oil into your eyes)

A good friend for the heart. In the simplest terms, almonds prevent heart disease. The fiber in almonds prevents the body from absorbing external fats from food.

In addition, vitamin E in almonds, Saturated fats It contains enough magnesium and body-beneficial antioxidants, so it improves heart blood circulation. Not only that, because it lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood
Makes the heart healthy.

Increases memory and immunity. Alzheimer’s (also known as) cerebral pre-disease drugs, immunity-boosting drugs and memory-boosting drugs are combined with riboflavin and magnesium.
It is placed. By eating almonds with enough of these nutrients, you will feel refreshed throughout the day. Alzheimer’s patients should eat almonds as a supplement.