#6 reasons why you should meditate every day

#6 reasons why you should meditate every day

1. Raises hormones

Hormones make your mind happy,
Feelings of sadness
Hormones that cause changes.

By meditating, your inner mind becomes clear and peaceful.
In addition, the preferred sleep and rest

2. Less depression

The possibility of depression
Significantly decreased.
loneliness Sadness and your mind
Content that may be harmful
It makes your mind stronger in the face.

3. It calms the mind

This is immediately everyone who meditates
can feel Meditation
It is also the source of your peace of mind
You can say.

Meditation is religious
Not only relevant but also as psychotherapy
Many people can use it
They keep practicing meditation.

4. Happiness medicine

When you are meditating, your mind
It will give you peace.
This peace is from your subconscious mind
Stimulates happiness.
You will be satisfied with yourself.
I will learn to see the world positively.

The evils that will be encountered
The best response can come.
In other words, meditation
It’s a medicine of happiness.

5. Brings new ideas

Good benefits of meditation
Peace of mind among the blessings
Not the only one yet.

Excite your imagination
make So those who are successful
Their daily meditation
Included in the activities
Often works.

6. A cheap gift of health

Meditation is mental health
Not just for one.
A lot of health
It helps.

fifteen minutes to half an hour a day;
An hour of meditation
Health that costs less for you
It will be a good gift.

Credit, 🙏🌷🙏

May the hearts of living beings be enshrined.