Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend can take a toll on your health and your mental health

Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend can take a toll on your health and your mental health
My ex-boyfriend who I used to work with Reunited with the old connection from time to time, If you have already broken up, you need to get out of the old relationship and relationship mud because it is harmful to yourself, from new research and experiments.

The act of getting back together with the old part is exhausting, suffering The experts in this study, who may show declines in health symptoms associated with depression. Kale Monk, professor of family science at the University of Missouri, said. Heartbreak after breaking up with a lover is a normal situation and it is only temporary for a while. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. The cycle of getting back together can lead to a state of health deterioration, he continued.
Sometimes, the breakup of lovers changes a new perspective. It lets them know how much they value each other when they are alone.
However, a broken relationship is not easy to get back to normal. If both sides want to rebuild with passion and unity after a split, the first thing they should do is cultivate mutual understanding more than before. However, Munk urged the couple not to return to the toxic relationship that had been broken until they were able to rebuild understanding until they became part of each other.
“I would like to give this advice to couples who have broken up. Whenever we think about getting back together, the reason why we broke up is important. Are you really sure that this time, unlike the last time, everything will be different? If they do get back together, it would be very helpful for them to have an open and honest discussion about the main reasons behind their breakup. Old habits to be corrected Each weakness, His favorite, his favorite His troubles, my own troubles, etc., are the same. Let’s first rebuild all the mutual understanding needed to go on the same journey.”
For another thing, Munk said, “I am being abused in a love relationship that is toxic to me. feel pain If you are experiencing emotional and physical abuse, you need to let go of this bond. For your own safety, please leave this group. If necessary, we have to get help from the community.” He warned everyone who was in trouble.
The important thing for anyone who wants to rekindle an old love is that, as mentioned above, if you have experienced such stress and pain yourself, before getting back together, you must think carefully and carefully.