Reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with your head facing west and north…

You should not sleep with your head facing the west and north. You may have heard your grandparents say.

They even say that if you sleep like this, you will have bad dreams.

Usually, there are those who consider this to be a superstition.

Many people know this, but few know that there is a scientific solution.

You may have heard that the world has a magnetic field.

The body also has a magnetic field.

When you sleep with your head facing south, the direction of the magnetic field in your body and the magnetic properties of the world’s poles are the same and pull you…

If you wake up in the morning after sleeping like this, you will have a clear feeling because you are well rested.

Similarly, if you sleep with your head facing east, the energy of the sun passes through your body and leaves from your feet.

This passage makes your head cool and clear and your feet warm.

If you sleep with your head to the west, it is reversed to the east. I will be left with hot head and cold feet. It also causes discomfort.

If you sleep with your head to the north, the iron in your body will harden in your brain and make you confused. It will cause headaches.

If this becomes common, Alzheimer’s, Slow muscle movement is common in multiple sclerosis (Parkinson’s disease) and other neurological diseases.

This means that you should sleep and rest with your head towards the south and the east

It is a reason that has been scientifically analyzed and confirmed.

Credit – Lay Har Na Lường Baộan…

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