n fact, eating rice with your hands and licking…

In fact, eating rice with your hands and licking it with your fingers is more healthy and in some places even more useful, and it also prevents diseases.

Preventing Diabetes Type 2 People who eat rice in a hurry are more likely to suffer from diabetes type 2.
Regarding the fact that eating rice with a fork and knife is faster than eating it with your hands, it is obvious that eating with your hands is better if you are comfortable.
To clean and remove bacteria that cause better health, beneficial bacteria remain after hand washing.
When you eat, it is delicious and clears harmful bacteria in the body, while the brain determines whether the food is hot, cold, or hard.
It receives information through the nerves that it is weak. Therefore, the body prepares to digest food. This method
The best way to improve your health is to focus on the food on the table while you are working.
If you eat with both hands like that, you will not be able to do any other work because both sides are busy, and you will focus only on eating.