The power of courage for cancer patients who are also waiting for death

The power of courage for cancer patients who are also waiting for death

The heart of medical scientists is shaken. Cancer is like a dying person.

However, it is likely to be considered whether cancer can be cured or prevented with the power of the sword.

The best tests for cancer are animal testing, in vitro testing, and so on.

Isn’t the announcement by medical scientists that cancer cells can be combated by the effect of water spread all over the world?

It was also a ray of hope for cancer survivors.
(xeronine) contained in the fruit absorbs ultraviolet rays and removes them from the body
Effectively protects tissue from turning into cancer cells.

Therefore, people who regularly eat reyo fruit are less likely to develop skin cancer.
The medicinal chemical (xeronine) contained in the juice was discovered in 1972 by Dr. Heine Kee, a professor at the University of Hawaii.

Xeronine is a hormone that everyone needs a little bit of.

# Test with spikes

When medical scientists tested mice that were fed cancer and those that weren’t, the mice that were fed cancer lived longer than the mice that didn’t.

#Important supplement for cancer patients

In hospitals in the US and Japan, it is said that everyone who is undergoing cancer treatment with radiation is given leyo as an essential supplement.

# Help for cancer patients

If the patient always consumes leyo together, the spread of cancer is less. You will definitely get the benefit of relieving pain, being full of nutrients, and improving your immune system.


You can also eat leyo fruit.. You can also drink medicinal juice containing leyo. It should be eaten half an hour before meals.
This is because the digestive juices can destroy the xeronine contained in the juice.

#Additional findings

University of Hawaii medical scientists have discovered another polysaccharide compound.
The compound was discovered to give human white blood cells not only anti-cancer but also general anti-cancer properties.

#Powerful policeman

Japanese medical experts discovered and confirmed that Yeo Yao, The oleoresin and all parts of the plant
It is said to be a very powerful natural medicine for the general health of the human body.


The oil extracted from the seeds is used to treat diseases.
Due to the presence of linoleic acid in the oil, it is used in the treatment of joint diseases and can keep the skin moist.

#World’s most powerful medicine

The island of Hawaii is the world’s leading raw material for the production of lime.
The well-known Leyo medicine is Leyo fruit oil and Leyo powder, scientifically produced in a record-breaking manner.
Among the plants in the world, the caraway tree has the highest XERONINE. Eight times more than the content of pineapple.

# Arterial hypertension

Consuming lime fruit can widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation.
Secpoltin is a compound that feels the heat of medicine and is beneficial in hypertension and coronary artery disease.

#Myanmar medicinal plants

Rayo belongs to the Brahmin family. The botanical name is Morindaangustifolia Roxb.
Reached all over Burma. According to Burmese medicine books, Leyo is bitter. It has a strong smell. It is slightly hot and makes the air and stomach happy.
It has a hot and spicy taste and is slightly sour. Blood, bile, Wind, phlegm.

#How to use

If the leaves are boiled and eaten, it can cure flatulence, stomach ache, It cures hot palate, gallstones and high blood pressure.
The green leaves are boiled with cobra meat and the salad cures seasickness.
If you eat the leaves in a salad, you will get rid of blocked milk ducts, watery milk, colic, colic and nosebleeds.

Heart disease, hemorrhagic disease, For diabetics, it is cured by drinking Dandelion leaves and soup.
If you eat the fruit with honey, you will get rid of cough and asthma.
If you eat the palm and the fruit, you will get rid of indigestion.
If you eat the young fruit salad, you will get rid of flatulence and blood clots.

Burmese medicine

Ripe (10) leyo fruits are pounded with a sieve and mixed with (10) palm leaves.
The drug is used to treat menopause. It is famous for curing rheumatism. Some elders began to say “Maorinreyo eat”.

Drain and remove the fish

It is given as a snack. Instead of a dish, it is administered by mixing the food with medicine. There is a saying of the ancient mediciners, “The wind is near the side of death.”
When they get old, men and women don’t want the wind to be bad. Therefore, to keep the wind going, they have to cook the leaves and catfish.

Because of that cooking
weak muscles
Stroke patients, urine and
People with kidney disease Weak joints
Mistletoe cures patients.

It is all knowledge.
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