Risk of blood clots

Risk of blood clots
Blue on the body, especially on the legs and thighs. You will not see purple capillary bundles and nodules.

These blood clots are ugly to look at and sometimes painful. Numbness I often feel hot and heavy when I move. As a consequence of this blood clot, blood clots and bleeding may occur, so it should not be neglected.

The main cause of blood clots is poor blood circulation. In particular, the veins return blood from all over the body to the heart, and the heart produces waste.

In order for this blood to return easily, the valves need to work properly.

Sometimes the valves are damaged, Blood can pool in the vein due to blockage of the blood flow path. That’s why it’s called Varicose Vein.

Especially those who are overweight. Pregnant women Varicose veins are more common in older people and people with no family history of varicose veins.

Women are more prone to varicose veins than men, and studies say this is due to hormonal changes and birth control methods. People who have to stand for long periods of time… Sedentary people tend to have more blood clots.

So, how to prevent blood clots?
Because it is important to have good blood circulation, doing regular exercise, You should do some walking.

Sitting for a long time If you are standing, you should change your position often.

Also, you should avoid wearing high heels as much as possible.

Because blood clots and blood clots are more common in obese people, maintaining a healthy weight is important.

Although varicose veins can happen to anyone, sometimes there is no need for treatment, and in some cases, there may be medical treatment that is necessary according to the doctor’s instructions.

It’s an important health issue that everyone should be aware of, so I’m sharing this knowledge.