Ways to get one hundred thousand crores of merit in one second…..

Ways to get one hundred thousand crores of merit in one second…..
1. Wake up…
As the Buddha preached
When he wakes up, he does not move
Be careful when entering and exiting

I will stay.
So the big merits are crores per second
100,000 has already been obtained.
Not waking up with the usual anxiety
So it starts with a blessing
The day happened.

2. All that movement…
going to the toilet brushing teeth A new face
Just a minute, Try to be careful
I will stay.
3. To the living Buddha…
3.1. Happy before…
Whether it’s a glass of water or Whether it’s perfect or not
Goodness in preparing to worship God
I will be happy that I have to do it.

3.2. Still happy…
It is said that there is a clear body in worshiping God
He was happy that he guessed and did good deeds
It will be. So many benefits
It’s already happening.

3.3. Happy to do…
Reconsidered that he had already done good deeds
And be happy.
3.4. Remember
If you do good deeds, you will be rewarded
Get into the mind that believes.
The greatest merit has been obtained.
3.5. Contemplation…

Know the child who wants to worship God
I will try to stay. (Sitta Nupassana)….
Try to know the gestures of sitting down and bowing down
will stay (Kayanu Pashana)….
I have pain in my hands and feet
I will try to find out. (Pain of pain)…
If you reconsider the process
(Dhammanu Pashana)….
So at home Even though he can’t shake hundreds of thousands, he has already received many merits.
4. Clean, cook…
May all the household members be fine.
They can consume it in order to practice meditation.
May it be the support of Nirvana.
5. General collection…
If you are hungry, you want to get up immediately.
I want to eat for a minute, If you want to take a shower
A minute to break the urge not to get up immediately
Stay informed.
If you want to sleep, Do the same when you want to go.
Because meditation is good, it has great power.
I will take off my shoes carefully, I will wear
I will speak calmly and gently
watching T.V. talking a lot
Listening to music is good
It will increase little by little.
Try not to force it.
pessimism Bad thinking
For example, people only write sermons
I don’t think that I will not meditate,
I don’t know, so I will try hard
Think about it.
6. Go to bed…
Breathe in and out for 5 minutes, put your hand on your stomach and feel bloated and thin
Be careful and remember.
More powerful merits are now available.
7. The good deeds of human life…
According to the doctrine, eating without awareness, It is very difficult to regain human life because sitting and sitting are unwholesome.
If you stay as above, you will have a lot of good deeds.
Thankful Rector Bishop
Dr. Nandamala Bhiwantha
#Regards to the original poster