An astronaut who returned to Earth after being lost in space for 27 years…..

An astronaut who returned to Earth after being lost in space for 27 years…..
1973 In October. Pilot Smith was sent on a mission into space at the behest of the Pentagon. He said to study the orbit of the earth.

The first (3) days of the trip went smoothly as planned. Later, the direction of the vehicle was wrong. So the vehicle drifted into a radioactive belt.
It is said that if you get into this belt ring, it will reverse the human body’s biological concept and electronic systems.

NASA tried various ways to save the spacecraft and the pilot. But none of them succeeded and the radio contact was lost. NASA and the entire crew were shocked.

But the leader of the group thought that this matter did not happen and ordered them to forget it.
The release stated that the launch was unsuccessful and the astronaut also died in the accident. So they thought everything would be forgotten and forgotten. But it wasn’t.

At the end of 2000, an astronomer on the island of Fiji discovered something strange orbiting the Earth.
The object is orbiting at an altitude of 470 km above the Earth. So he contacted NASA. NASA immediately sent him a pair of radio telescopes.

After examining the object, it was discovered that it was the missing John Smith and his vehicle. All of the vehicle’s appearance marks are the same.

The vehicle is slowly descending and there is no signal from the vehicle. So when they reach a safe height, they work to remove the vehicle from the world’s orbit.
In 2001, he was about to return to the world. Thus, the vehicle was brought back to the world smoothly. But when the vehicle was opened, everyone was amazed. Inside was John Smith.
It’s true. He was unconscious in space due to the freezing temperature. When the temperature returned to normal, Smith revived.
Doctors treated him carefully using cryogenic drugs. After some time, John Smith recovered. But he was no longer John Smith, but a clone of John Smith.
Doctors looked at John Smith’s medical records and were skeptical. For example, John Smith had a rib injury when he was young. But John Smith, who came back, was not injured.
His friend also told him that John Smith was bad at math, but now John Smith can easily calculate difficult maths.
Other physical changes are also seen differently. In the body of the new John Smith, you can see that the heart goes from left to right.
The notebook found with him also has 100 pages, 50 of which are written in characters that do not exist in the world.
So experts are warning. John Smith, who came back, said that the human genius would be only a living being made to look like a human being.
After this, strange things started to happen. A few days later, John Smith disappeared.
According to some data, John Smith has gone back into space. The United States has stored all of its information. The driver has gone back into hiding.
But this process really happened and many witnesses are still there.