To cure arthritis

“To cure arthritis.”

Cramps are often felt in the lower back, thighs and legs. Parasitism is very hard to deal with.

It’s not like I’m feeling it 24 hours a day. When you are suffering from cramp pain, it is difficult to stand and you often feel like you are depressed.

After suffering from the pain and discomfort of cramping, I realized that the happiness I felt when I was freed from cramping was very valuable.

(That’s why health is a bribe
have to say)

Now, I will continue to make merit for the healing of the spasticity that I experienced myself. One thing I want to say is that it’s too easy and I don’t spend money, I think it’s worthless and I’m worried because I don’t know the value.

“Practice that disappeared from practice”

All you need is a piece of rope about one yard (2 meters) long.

1. -. 4 Tie the two ends of the rope as shown in the picture to make a hanger –

2. -. Sleeping bag on a bed without a duvet cover –

3. -. Place the feet as shown in the picture (tops of the feet are always facing outwards) –

4. -. In order to prevent this from happening, as shown in the picture, both feet should be strapped with hangers (when viewed from the side of the foot, keep both feet upright as shown in the picture).

5. -. If you look from the side, keep your feet straight as shown.

6. -. It’s a bit difficult if you’re not used to it (try and practice)

7. -. If you stay in that position for about 2 hours, you can actually feel the pain in the back and thighs loosen up.


8. -. It is better if it takes more than 2 hours for the bag to dissolve in that position (if you wake up from the bag, if you tilt your body to the side from the upper part of the body and move to the side, both stiff legs will also be fine.

9. -. Once you do this successfully, you will know the value of this exercise.

10. -. If you continue to exercise regularly, you can get rid of sprains completely.


Aung Zaw Min gave this method to my disciple (business manager) called Po Zaw when he himself suffered from back pain.

It is known that Ko Po Zaw was given by Dr. Than Soe Naing (so far a bachelor).

From what they said, I was cured by practical training, so I tried to write meritorious deeds.

May you both be healthy and happy –

Credit: U Tin Win