A powerful medicine for weak eyes

A powerful medicine for weak eyes

Good luck, please share more. People who wear glasses should try using them in practice…

Over 30 years of age.
It’s blurry, so I went to see a doctor
Near vision power (+150) degree glasses
had to be

Now over 40 years old
It seems strange that the glasses are missing
Many people think.

According to the ratio of medicine
It is easy to connect.


(1) Crush the gooseberry and remove the seeds.
sun dry To make a powder.

(2) In the shade of the milled glass leaves
Automatically and naturally
to dry powder.

(3) Dry betel leaves
to powder.

(4) pure honey

Only those (4) are needed.

A good pair of glasses these days
Do it
The period value is not forty thousand and fifty thousand
Merchants only.

Without glasses everywhere, it’s like being blind again. If I forget my glasses, I don’t want to see anything. to read Everything is difficult to polish the phone.

The power of the glasses does not go down, only up.
Not only that, but if the power doesn’t bite, go up the reins
Disappointed again.

“to use”

If you have slept at night

Gooseberry powder tea spoon (1) spoon

1 teaspoon (1) of millet leaf powder

1 teaspoon (1) of dried betel leaf powder

Those three drugs
(3) teaspoons of honey
Come and eat.

Eat regularly for three months with confidence.

The eyes are clear and the glasses are free
It will be sure.

Not only that, but the result
It will be fine.

The power of Myanmar traditional medicine
By doing it in practice
Let’s raise the honor.