Dandelion seed, a natural booster

Dandelion seed, a natural booster

I was very surprised when my American friend told me that they can buy a bag (100 seeds) for 6 dollars. To be honest, I only eat sweet potato when making soy sauce. Even so, David, an American, was surprised when he said that he only scraped the flesh attached to the fruit with his teeth, and sometimes the seeds were too ripe to chew. He replied that such an act was very stupid. I am also Dant sorghum, Only the leaves and roots have been used as medicine, so of course he told me. Later, I became very curious about sorghum seeds, so I researched them. It was then that I realized that spitting out the seeds without eating them was very stupid. In America and Europe, the seeds that can be dried from the sorghum are cut by small wings. They sold the seeds in packages.

Malnutrition disease
high blood fat
All kinds of arthritis
kidney diseases
Bacterial infection
Mainly used for exhaustion of libido. Burmese people only eat fruits. The seeds are dried, cleaned and roasted. boiled, eating powder, Without any oil. In fact, dandelion seeds contain antioxidant compounds such as Kaempferol, Quercetin, Rutin, and Caffeoylquinic acids.

As a vitamin, eyes, Contains Vitamin A that strengthens skin, hair and nails. Free radicals that cause cancer, It contains vitamin C which helps to heal faster. Iron does not cause anemia due to low red blood cells. In the Ayurvedic medicine books, the seeds of the sorghum fruit are used as antiseptics, medicine up and down All kinds of arthritis It is said to be suitable for all diseases (male and female) and libido enhancers.

The main thing is that Danthalon seeds clean water like alum… no matter how cold the water is, if you add 50 to 150 milligrams of crushed Danthalon seed powder to 1 liter of water, it kills the bacteria in the water… it cleans the water until you can drink it. In the same way, when it enters the body, it provides an antidote. Cleaning work. Therefore, if you eat once, do not eat more than * 2 seeds. (You can eat up to 4 seeds a day).

Because it cleans the stomach and intestines, if you eat a lot of popcorn, you will not live well. diarrhea nausea, Can’t sleep. The truth is that it is detoxifying, and the benefit is the result.

If you are new to eating, start with [1 seed per meal]. It can be gradually increased later. It’s like sweet when you chew it, but if you chew it for a long time, it becomes just bitter. David says he eats 3 seeds a day to control his diabetes.

There are some points to be aware of.

Save the wings. This is because dirt and germs stick to the small wings of the seed. But as an exception, those who want to lose weight quickly can eat the wings. Wash thoroughly and season with salt. If you rinse the water twice, you can eat it.** Wings are very rich in fiber, so you lose weight.

Do not eat during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you should not even drink Detox water. * But for couples who want to get pregnant, it is a seed that you should eat regularly.

Do not eat when there is no food in your stomach.

If you eat, you will have diarrhea. This is the result of the cleaning process of the seed. It is a very powerful and medicinal seed. There are videos that say that if you eat Dandelion seeds every day, you don’t even need to drink energy drinks. Good brain memory. It relieves constipation. In foreign countries, the oil is extracted from the seeds using the cold pressing method. Dandelion seed oil contains saturated fat = 13% and unsaturated fat = 82%, which is good for health, so it is as effective as olive oil. If you have a Dandelion tree at home, don’t throw away the fruits when they are ripe because they are not edible. If you want seeds, rather than picking them in the fall, collect them before the fall and dry them. The small seeds are fried like peas, It can be boiled or roasted. It can be powdered. I can now send a message back to David and tell him to give me a gift of Dant Thalon seeds, which we have in abundance in Burma, when I meet him outside.

Thanks… I’ll keep trying.