The king of cancer

The king of cancer
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The worst cancer among cancers is pancreatic cancer. If you have this disease – usually live only 2 to 6 months. That is why it is called the king of cancer.
Famous actors and actresses in the world The iPhone, where the politicians died from this disease. Apple founder Steve Jobs died of this disease.
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They do not know that this cancer is early. If you usually have a stomach ache, If your stomach is not good, you can do an ultrasound of your stomach. The pancreas is at the back of the stomach and other organs are in front of it, so it is not visible on ultrasound. At the time of the ultrasound, the cancer was quite large. 5-7cm in size are often found. At that time, the cancer cells have already spread to nearby organs and some to distant organs.
In the beginning, this cancer is not known and treated as stomach disease. If there is cancer in the body and tail of the pancreas, the patient has abdominal pain. Because it sticks to the stomach, the stomach hurts. Doctors think it’s stomach disease. indigestion Stomach inflammation They wrongly decide that it is a stomach ulcer. These diseases are also common. Stomach pain was found to be relieved when treated with stomach medications. When we surveyed people with pancreatic cancer in the West… it was said that the patients had gone to the doctor no less than 18 times before they knew it was pancreatic cancer. It was being treated incorrectly as another such disease and by the time I found out it was pancreatic cancer, it was too late.
The only way to cure pancreatic cancer is surgery. As mentioned above, by the time this disease is diagnosed, it is already too late, so 80% of patients are already in a state where surgery cannot be performed. Chemotherapy Radiation is also ineffective against pancreatic cancer. Other treatments New drugs are still in the testing phase.
In the beginning, the symptoms are… I will lose food I’m going to be thin. Sometimes the food will fail. It’s good to be thin If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, They think that being thin is healthy. Despite these symptoms, most people ignore them.
Later, stomach ache will come. This will be stomach disease. They think so.
If there is cancer in the head of the pancreas, the eyes will turn yellow because the bile duct is blocked. Yellow skin. The patient will feel nauseous and want to vomit.
Some will have diarrhea. When you have a bowel movement, there will be fat. The name of the back.
If these symptoms appear, do not ignore them and take them seriously.
Causes of pancreatic cancer are…
30% is caused by smoking.
20% is related to food. Fatty food Processed food like sausage Sweet foods cause this cancer.
A Taiwanese research… rats were divided into two groups, and one group was fed a diet high in sugar. When these mice were examined after 20 weeks, they found that the pancreas of the sweet-fed mice had changes in DNA, which turned into cancerous cells.
Experts say that the increase in the incidence of pancreatic cancer in Taiwan in the past 5 years is also due to the increase in people’s consumption of sweets.
Alcohol consumption also causes inflammation of the pancreas and increases the incidence of pancreatic cancer.
About 10% of pancreatic cancer is genetic. If there is someone in the family who has had pancreatic cancer, the risk increases by 3-5 times.
36% of patients do not know why and cannot find the cause. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. The food is normal. I don’t know why this disease. Some think it’s stress.
If there are some diseases, it is found to be pancreatic cancer.
1. Diabetes mellitus diabetes mellitus
2. Obesity
3. Pancreatic cyst
4. Chronic pancreatitis
If you have these diseases, you are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than other people.
An American scholar found…
Between two and a half to one and a half years before pancreatic cancer, the person’s blood sugar level is high. Not as high as diabetes, but higher than normal. Gradually rising. Body temperature rises.
In the year and a half to six months before pancreatic cancer, the sugar in the blood is higher. Fats in the blood such as cholesterol decrease. Fat under the skin. I don’t lose weight.
In the six months before pancreatic cancer, I had lost significant weight. Blood fat levels started to drop again.
It is good to be especially careful if your blood glucose levels gradually rise and you gradually lose weight without any reason.