Take all kinds of medicine – just put it down

Take all kinds of medicine – just put it down

# Clove-flower

After you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, drink a glass of cold water and take another clove and put it in your mouth. Or put it on the cheek.

#The benefit is – If you are a constipated person who doesn’t usually get up in the morning, you will want to have a bowel movement soon.

Even if you’re a person with #lostmouth and no appetite, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to eat and drink.

When cloves talk to you if you’re a #bad breath sufferer
It can prevent the smell of salamander.

# Those who are dying, Those who are happy, Clove is a dentist for those who suffer from toothache.

#For those who have a runny nose with a cold
The cure is to drink hot clove decoction and take cloves one by one. If you run out of anise, put a new one in your mouth and the nasal disease will disappear within three days.

#Headache sufferers see relief gradually by taking cloves.

#People with diabetes should chew (3) cloves after each meal and slowly chew and swallow the liquid. You will find that you do not have diabetes.

# People with high blood pressure can prevent high blood pressure if they take two cloves after brushing their teeth in the morning.

#Night sleepers can sleep by taking cloves about an hour before going to sleep.

# Kyi Lwin Myint (Mudra)