Smoking should be pregnant

For women, pregnancy may be the beginning of an exciting and happy journey that will fulfill hopes and desires…
It can also be a journey that ends with an unexpected result.

Although most pregnant women will get good results..
A small number of pregnant women face bad results for sure.

Few women. Although I say it quantitatively.. that individual woman and.. their family members.. and the weakness in human life. Children who came in with defects.. Some of them were not allowed to live as human beings..
It’s an obvious issue for them.

So, to avoid such bad results.. In other words, to reduce the number of pregnancies that end with bad results as little as possible.
On the other hand..
To save the lives of the children who will be born…
To give birth to healthy and developing children and to be able to have intelligent children.
When looking for the causes of adverse effects on pregnancy and the fetus, among the reasons found, smoking causes major adverse effects on pregnancy.


There are hundreds of chemical substances in tobacco.. Once these chemicals are lit and burned, thousands (almost 7000..) of more toxic chemicals are produced.
Those thousands. Chemicals are not only poisonous to the body, but at least 69 of these chemicals have been known to cause cancer in the human body.

Many people know that smoking can cause lung cancer. In fact, not only the lung, but many types of cancer that occur in the human body are caused by cigarette smoke.

When a pregnant woman inhales such highly toxic smoke, the toxins reach the placental oil in the uterus through the mother’s blood vessels.

The organ called the placenta needs fetal oil along with blood. It is one of the most important organs of a pregnancy that delivers oxygen and nutrients.

In order to deliver what is needed to the baby like that.. the placenta has to have numerous small blood vessels.. those small blood vessels also need to be strong and strong..

The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke can reduce the formation of small blood vessels in the placenta, and also cause the small blood vessels to swell and narrow, so the blood that can be sent to the baby. Oxygen and nutrients are not reaching the baby enough.

That’s why.. the child is small.. not developed.. born prematurely.. when he is born, things like that often happen..

In addition, because the placenta itself is not able to firmly adhere to the uterine wall, miscarriage, premature separation; Fetal death during pregnancy.

For women, it is difficult to get pregnant. When I got it again.. misplaced conception in the fallopian tube.. birth defects.. as mentioned above, in addition to the undeveloped placenta.. the placenta was attached to the birth canal.. before the baby was born. while being born Bleeding after birth Hemorrhage also happens,

Mothers who smoke.. after giving birth.. lung and trachea infections, I also often experience side effects such as leg veins and blood clots in the lungs.

The dangers that children often encounter are..

⁃ Not sucking milk well
⁃ The child is always nauseous
⁃ Death in infancy
⁃ Sudden death of a child before the age of one year (SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – the child dies suddenly without being significantly sick. Most of them die suddenly while sleeping.)
⁃ The child does not reach intelligence
⁃ Prevalence of lung and respiratory disease
⁃ Having asthma
⁃ Childhood obesity.

After reading so far.. smoking
I understand how dangerous the smoke is..

However.. some may want to ask me…

“I don’t smoke, ma’am..but..the man smokes..or..the father at home..smokes….if that’s the case..should I be worried???…”

That kind of thing is called Secondhand Smoke.

I mean, I don’t smoke, but the person next to me smokes.
In the house.. at the restaurant.. in the car.. on the train.. in some buildings…

Secondhand smoke is also dangerous.