Good and bad to the heart You can check on your legs

Good and bad to the heart
You can check on your legs

The heart is the most important organ for human longevity. It is the heart muscle that works non-stop even when people sleep. The time when the heart muscles are resting is the time when a person dies. Due to the force of the heart’s muscles, blood reaches the whole human body, and when the heart muscles contract again, the old blood from all over the human body returns to the heart again. The blood is purified by the air inhaled from the lungs (breathing) and becomes new blood. The distribution of that new blood to the body is made by the heart muscle non-stop, from 70 times to more than 100 times per minute.

These important heart muscles are good and bad. I can’t go to the big hospitals to find out what’s wrong. I would like to present a way to self-examine for those who can’t afford to go and check with big doctors. This is the way to check your calf muscles.

The ancient monks said, “As long as the calf’s head (calf muscle) is good, you will receive alms.” In other words, the strength that a healthy person can feel is measured by calf muscle strength.

Similarly, Western medical experts say that the calf muscles are the “second heart” of a person. strong heart If you want to check the bad, strengthen the calf muscles. He said that you can know by checking.

There is no need to specifically test calf muscle strength in young people. running kicking football Downhill pull-ups are done with the calf muscles. For adults over the age of 60, being unable to stand upright for a long time; Not being able to walk quickly There are problems with not being able to climb many stairs. This is because the calf muscles are weak. If the calf muscles are weak, If you can’t walk a mile, If you breathe, it can be predicted that heart failure has entered.

Some adults have weak calf muscles, and some have stiff calf muscles and are unable to walk.

There are even people with seizures. Often trampled and massaged; Calf muscles are always stiff, even with warm application of camphor oil. People who always have stiff calf muscles are at risk of coronary heart disease and should be careful.

To strengthen the heart muscle, the exercise is to walk about two miles a day. Lazy walkers tend to have weak calf muscles. People who eat a lot and are sedentary tend to have stiff calf muscles and vascular disease.

When adults take a bath, it is reported that they should only wash their legs below the knee after pouring water.

Kyi Lwin Myint (Mudra)

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